Fancy a chat with your doctor or nurse?

Janey is playing at doctors and nurses in this steamy video and the lucky doctor guy is examining her tits has he places a stethoscope over her sweet little nurses uniform before he peels it off and has each tit in his mouth sucking up her sweet little nipples. Janey is such a horny bitch and loves it when he puts his hands down between her legs rubbing her fanny which is getting very warm and wet underneath the sweet white panties which she is wearing. The doctors big cock is very hard so Janey goes down to examine it and takes it out of his white trousers, holding it in her hand she slowly runs her fingers up and down his shaft and tickling his bollocks which she then grabs with her mouth sucking them into her wet mouth making the doctor moan with great pleasure.

Getting hold of her head he shoves his cock into her warm waiting mouth and she takes it all in slurping her tongue down it has it disappears down her throat, she nearly chokes a couple of times but Janey loves it and can’t wait to taste his sweet sticky cum (this is like something from one of them hardcore British fiona cooper porn dvds), she sucks it hard while playing with his hanging balls rubbing them between her fingers. Out of her mouth it pops and she grabs it in her hand and a small glass in her other hand, wanking it really fast and hard the big cock is soon ejecting its sticky load into the glass. Janey holds the glass up and swirls the lovely spunk round and round in it before opening her mouth wide and drinking the lot.

But she wants more and so getting him good and hard again she bends over the doctors chair so he can push his tool deep into her waiting wet pussy, she squeals with pleasure has he thrusts it in hard slapping his balls up against her arse, here comes another load of spunk which goes deep inside her cunt all wet and sticky. Janey stands up slightly bent over and gives the camera a dam good shot of it dribbling out of her fanny hole.

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